Tugtupite from Greenland - Rough Pieces- Entire Lot in the Pic

Tugtupite from Greenland - Rough Pieces- Entire Lot in the Pic

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  • Ultimate Self-Love Stone (My personal experience, THE BEST Love Stone.)
  • Higher Heart Consciousness
  • Very, very soothing, emotional trauma healing stone

I have been working with crystals for the past decade or so and…out of all the crystals that I have ever worked with, Tugtupite is by the far the most powerful and my favorite stone.

Tugtupite is not…a POW like moldavite. If you are holding onto a piece of Moldavite, its energy is unmistakable. It’s intense. Its energy is this quick vibrating pulse. Tugtupite is opposite. Its energy is like floating on a cloud. It’s soft, tender, and help you feel the most profound love. It’s the ultimate self-love stone in my humble opinion.

This stone is only grown in one region (Greenland) and hence the scarcity and the price.

From the crystal…

If you have experienced hardship, trauma, assault, abuse…you are not alone. You have a lot of spirits around you – angels & guides cheering you on. They feel your pain & despair. They hear your cries and anguish. They see & send love. You are loved & always will be.

From the shop owner…

This stone, no matter where you are in your journey, it nudges you to move forward from a space of pure love. This stone teaches you to love yourself. We are the harshest critic on ourselves and while working with this stone, I learn to let go of seeking perfection, being hard on myself when I don’t achieve a goal. I learned what self-love really means.