Lady of Nine Heavens Feng Shui Amulet

Lady of Nine Heavens Feng Shui Amulet

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Best Feng Shui Cure Ever!


  • Protective
  • Neutralizes "bad" energy
  • Cures feng shui problems

Personal Story: 

I moved into my current home with some “known” health challenges. As I worked on clearing them through food, acupuncture, & crystals…most of my health challenges have dissipated…except for one…headaches.
My bedroom is considered a feng shui hazard. I’m not kidding you. (it’s interesting that I became a feng shui consultant.)  My headaches got progressively worst in my current home. I’ve tried moving the furniture, rearranging things, had people dowse on the land, energetic healing, using crystals including Selenite…to get rid of the headaches. Selenite worked for a couple of years, but…
Selenite treats the pain, but not the underlying cause.
The feng shui hazards in the home and especially in my bedroom kept the headaches returning over and over again…to the point that the Selenite was losing the battle.
OMG, what am I going to do now????
I eventually through some luck and intuition found a feng shui cure that is so powerful that I haven’t had a headache since…and it has been months!!!
I used to get a headache every other day.
Now, I wasn’t quite sure if it can only solve feng shui problems. So, I placed the cure in my car and OMG. If you have purchased the Car Protection Kit from me two or three years ago, this cure is ten times more powerful. Seriously!!! I love my sun/moon mirror, which was part of the last car protection kit, but this cure…it blows it away 100%.