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Garnet Tumbled Stone (small/medium)

Garnet Tumbled Stone (small/medium)

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Garnet is commonly associated with prosperity, strength, the bladder. The different colored Garnet correlates to the different parts of the body or different aspect of prosperity.

Red Colored Garnet
 deals with money beliefs we had learned as a kid. If we were taught to be frugal, we typically end up being frugal. If we were taught to spend every dime, we tend to become debtor in our adult life.

Green Colored Garnet deals with money beliefs from the heart. If we were taught to think of money as evil as a child, we carry that belief into adulthood as well. 

Garnet can help us release old money beliefs. 

To find out more about this stone's mental, emotional, and physical properties, check out the Crystal Report that is included and emailed with all purchases or join Crystals for Your Health.