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Selenite Plate - approx 4" in diameter

Selenite Plate - approx 4" in diameter

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Chakra: Crown

Physical: This stone assists with all types of pain including headaches, migraine, leg cramps, stomachache, difficulty in breathing.

Emotional: This stone is extremely calming and soothing. It helps reduce stress, anxiousness, worries, fears, panic attacks.

Mental: This stone opens us up…allowing us to really breath and not be held back by our own self-sabotage.

Spiritual: This stone teaches us to let go.



From a construction worker who is no longer riddle with pain when he wakes up in the morning...to a roofer who no longer has problems climbing up and down ladders again...to an acupuncturist who has substituted needles with Selenite for her own personal back pain...to a writer who no longer suffers from debilitating migraines...to, the list goes on.